NAR Summer 2017: Special Edition – Commercial Recap from the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in D.C

Last month, the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings took place in Washington D.C. Below is a recap of key points for the commercial real estate sector, courtesy of NAR’s website.

Top Takeaways from the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings:

  1. The U.S. continues to be an attractive investment destination for commercial real estate investors as a result of commercial fundamentals remaining on an upward trend, boosted by solid employment gains.
  2. Small cap markets have benefited from increased visibility and capital inflow, as growing local economies and higher investment yields provide diversification to investors.
  3. The Commercial ALERT report, commissioned by NAR, explores potential roadblocks that could impact the commercial real estate industry in the coming years.  Members can download the report for free at
  4. Xceligent™ continues to expand its research areas to encompass the top-tier commercial markets in the U.S. and is working with NAR’s Research team on information on commercial trends.
  5. The following emerging commercial real estate trends have the most potential for market impact: experiential retail, shared office, predictive analytics & investment, dynamic land-use initiatives, and evolution of supply-chain and warehousing in the industrial sector. 
  6. Three federal issues facing NAR lobbyists: congressional reluctance to address internet sales tax fairness, the potential for Dodd-Frank regulatory reform or the extension of the 1031 ‘like-kind’ exchange in this congress, and the challenges of adapting to the new administration. 
  7. Issues that continue to bedevil property managers: negotiating service animal requests, combating rent control, navigating marijuana policies in residential and commercial properties, and a need for guidelines from HUD on criminal background checks.

For the full Summer 2017 Special Edition of the Commercial Connections publication, click here.

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